SUPER SAILOR MOON Funko POP! Coming to BoxLunch

Super Sailor Moon FunkoAny time there is anything new Sailor Moon, I’m all over it like Usagi is with food. I’ve been slowing collecting the Funko POP! Sailor Moon figures and man, I can’t wait for this one to hit stores!!

BoxLunch will be the exclusive retailer for the Sailor Moon Funko Pop, “Super Sailor Moon” from Super Sailor Moon S! The Super Sailor Moon Funko will retail for $12.90 which “translates to one meal for Feeding America.”

You can currently buy both Inner and Outer Senshis along with Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Chibi Usa. Queen Beryl is set to be a Toys R Us exclusive.

Is there another Sailor Moon character you are hoping gets the Funko POP! treatment? I’m waiting for Queen Serenity myself.

Super Sailor Moon Funko POP! figure will be released online and in-stores in late December.

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Gladys Angulo

Gladys Angulo


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