Jurassic World is the fourth instalment of the Jurassic Park film series. Jurassic Park is one of the biggest film franchises ever to hit the screens and one of the most popular too. It’s been around since 1993 and since then has gone on to spawn other films, such as Jurassic World, and other things such as video games. Jurassic World hit our screens back in 2015 and was a roaring success as you’d imagine, but was the movie better than any of the games produced off the back of it?

Looking at the numbers taken from the box office you would be hard pressed to find anyone who felt that any games produced from Jurassic World were or are bigger than the film itself. The sci-fi adventure film managed to gross over $1.6 billion at the box office and received worldwide acclaim from critics thanks to it being visually stunning and terrifyingly entertaining and gripping throughout.

Jurassic World also went on to be nominated for a whole host of awards throughout 2015 and 2016, with some victories too. Tim Alexander won the award for the best visual effects at the Hollywood Film Awards, Michael Giacchino for film composer of the year at the World Soundtrack academy, Chris Pratt for best action performance at the MTV Movie Awards and Ty Simpkins for best performance by a younger actor at the Saturn Awards. It’s a movie that got everything spot on including the storyline and visuals and it’s no surprise really as the franchise has been on fire for 15 years.

On the back of Jurassic World, a few games have hit the market. One of the better games out there came to the mobile market. Jurassic World: The Game is available for both iOS and Android users and allows players to bring dinosaurs to life, battle opponents and build theme parks. Lego Jurassic World was also a game that was a huge hit, especially when it hit consoles. Players can relive the action of all four Jurassic films, playing through them in LEGO form.

Another form of gaming where Jurassic World has enjoyed huge success is in the online slot market. Slot developing experts Microgaming were behind the Jurassic World slot game and it’s been a real hit with players since arriving in the online casino world. The graphics are superb, there are multiple features, the gameplay is epic and the experience is authentic with symbols and more from the film itself. Anyone interested in enjoying these games can visit sites like the home of online betting: Betting.com, where there are various reviews on reputable gaming sites and the latest information on promotions and the like.

While the games mentioned above have been great and extremely well received and popular with players, they just don’t compare with the film itself. The film had everything and because it was visually stunning and terrifyingly gripping throughout it would be hard for any game, be it on console, mobile or at an online casino, to rival it. The one thing that will have a chance of being better than Jurassic World the film is the next movie in the series.

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