Alfred Hitchcock is one of my favorite directors. Rear Window and North By Northwest are my two personal favorites.

The other day while scrolling through my Twitter feed I saw a tweet from Rupert Pupkin about this awesome Alfred Hitchcock ReAction Figure from House of Mysterious Secrets. 

I thought I would use this action figure as my first feature for Shut Up and Take My Money. I will attempt to do regular posts where I feature a cool item that I would love to buy or I am going to buy.

This Alfred Hitchcock ReAction Figure is only $15 and I think it is well worth it for die hard Hitchcock fans. Check out some photos and a description of the action figure below.

The Master of Suspense returns as an articulated 3.75-inch ReAction Figure clutching his signature cigar and accompanied by the all-knowing crow.

Be sure to check out their other great items. There are some awesome toys to choose from.

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