The Secrets of Steve Rogers: Cap’s Meth Addiction Problem

According to The Foundation For a Drug-Free World, methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, looks crystalline and white and is a drug people use by smoking it, injecting themselves with it via needle, or snorting it. It creates a rush and fake feeling of happiness. The rush could include anything from being hyperactive and energetic to a great sense of confidence in oneself. You might develop a hunger for good too. The drug’s effects usually last anywhere from six to eight hours but may continue on for 24 hours too.

What’s scary is the fact 1.2 million people, a 0.4 percent representation of the population, have abused meth within the last year and 440,000, or 0.2 percent representation of the population, did so in the last month. These statistics come from The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). While you might think you need a detox in a California rehab center and are the only one, there are others who likewise have struggled with these issues. One of them is Captain America, Steve Rogers, himself, during “Streets of Poison” in Captain America #372-378.

The storyline occurred during the 90s, and Fabian, a tech guy for Cap, was taking meth to deal with all of the work he had piling up as he worked for The Avengers. After Cap was able to find help a detox in a California rehab center, he went after the drug dealers that brought these issues into Fabian’s life. He ends up being blown up just a tad after using one dealer to stalk the supplier of the drugs. Cap’s confrontation of the dealer at a warehouse was what led to Cap experiencing being blown up.

Unfortunately, during that same time, Cap ended up inhaling a dose of meth that was almost lethal. The thing is that no one was able to figure out that Cap was actually high on the effects of the meth he had just inhaled. “Let’s get something straight, O’Brien,” Cap said. “I hired you all, you work for me. I pay you to do your jobs, not to try to second-guess me or question my decisions! Am I making myself clear?” Cap obviously is not acting at all like himself but no one has put two and two together yet about his substance abuse trials. But, Cap isn’t done there.

Determined to stop the drug game once and for all, Cap begins to hunt another supplier. “Dude’s gone crazed!” one person remarked when seeing Cap on his meth-fueled craziness. Cap even gets into a battle with Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. It’s truly bizarre to think that Cap would take on Black Widow like that. Yet, Cap’s ever-growing beard shows that Cap isn’t himself. He is not acting like himself and abandoning person hygiene because0 he is hooked on the drug. After harassing Diamondback, Cap sets his sights on Daredevil and takes him down. Black Widow eventually takes Cap down.

When Cap wakes up in a lab he’s being held in, he destroys it when he thinks he’s being given the drug again. Hank Pym finds him and Cap expresses how ashamed he is of himself. “I’m on drugs, Hank…,” Cap said. “I hallucinating.. I…need…help.” Cap did not end up purposely abusing meth in the first place but his exposure to it caused him the same troubles as those who become addicts by directly abusing the drug.

It’s not unusual for superheroes to have the same difficulties as the very people they save. After all, they are only human, right? That’s what the story of Cap has always about: his humanity. He became something greater when he took the super soldier syrum. However, his soul will always remain that of Steve Rogers.

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