It’s the question on everyone’s mind regarding Titans. Much of the show remains a mystery for those of us who are not on the inside of Warner Brothers. However, we can grasp at straws as to what some of the casting postings or character descriptions mean. Recently, The Hashtag Show revealed another one of the character descriptions for the DC TV series that is set to air on their digital streaming platform. The latest one could point to one of Batman’s oldest foes.

“Male, 40s-50s, Middle Eastern, Latin, or East Indian. Seeking a young Richard Attenborough type. Fearless, manipulative, with unparalleled intelligence. Recurring guest star, seeking recognizable faces only.”

Many of the entertainment publications online and elsewhere are pondering that this could be pointing to none other than the Demon’s Head himself, Ra’s al Ghul. It certainly seems that the character could be Ra’s because of the background of the character but also the age of the character too. Ra’s is definitely controlling and without fear. He does not have a problem causing a lot of issues for Batman but, in some cases, he has been shown to have a little more gray area. Two prime examples are outside of comic books.

In Batman Begins, the film hides the real Ra’s al Ghul under the moniker of Henri Ducard, who is the man who trains Bruce Wayne in the comics during his seven years trekking around the world. Instead, they make it Ra’s who is the person who trains Batman. The two men develop a kinship that works so well when it breaks in the third act of the film. When Wayne finds out that Ducard is actually Ra’s and he is indeed evil, it breaks his heart. It’s what is so powerful that, in The Dark Knight Rises, the character of Ra’s, but also his daughter, Talia al Ghul, come back to haunt Wayne and get revenge. It’s the repercussions of his actions coming back to haunt him. But, there’s another great example.

In Batman: Under the Red Hood, the film focuses on the relationship between Wayne and his second son, the second Robin, Jason Todd. As it delves into their connection, it shows what happens to it. The Joker kills Todd, and Wayne thinks all is lost. That is until Ra’s thinks he can resurrect Todd using the Lazarus Pit to give Wayne back the son he lost as a sign of peace between Wayne and Ra’s. This is yet another example of where the character has noble intentions and is not all evil. However, things turn bad very quickly when Todd finds out Wayne has not killed the Joker.

Instead, Todd turns to become a different type of vigilante, the Red Hood, and takes over the mob as well as going on a revenge campaign against Wayne’s Batman. It’s an interesting tale not unlike Batman Begins in one of the characters going against the original ambitions that were set for him as Robin, the Boy Wonder. It even plays a comparison between him and his predecessor from the Robin role, Dick Grayson, who takes up the same direction as Batman, instead of the opposite one Todd pursues, as Nightwing.

In both stories, Ra’s al Ghul is not this extremely evil guy. He’s more of a complicated antagonist with goals that do not align with those of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Going into the Titans television show, it may behoove them to take this sort of direction with the character. If he is indeed going to be part of the show, it would make sense given Grayson’s presence on the series, which we already know of.

If Ra’s is coming onto the show, it would be interesting to see if they may ever wish to work with Todd as a character. He would make for an excellent foil to Grayson and the rest of his team. In some stories, Todd has a sidekick, Scarlet, who has an interesting story of her own, tied to the Batman villain, Professor Pyg. There is much excitement and anticipation surrounding this series as well as expectations for the series. As long as they do something interesting and unique, hopefully in the vein of the two aforementioned examples, their Ra’s al Ghul could stand up there with the previous actors who have portrayed the character in both live-action and animation.

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