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Minecraft – Steps for Changing Your Skin

A skin in minecraft describes the look of a player and it is created by wrapping a 3D player structure with a 2D image file. Although everyone in minecraft starts off with the same skin, most players prefer to change the skin, customizing it in order to create a unique feel on the game. The default player is known as Steve but you can customize your game to create your own unique player. It is actually ideal to create your own player so you can stand out when you play with friends online.

Your windows PC type will determine how you can change your character. However, the process is pretty easy.

Creating or Selecting a Custom Skin

You can either select a ready-made skins for Minecraft using your PC or create a unique one for yourself. You can make use of the Minecraft website ( to either pick from their selection of skins or use the available editor to create a unique one, giving it a personal touch. After selecting or creating a skin, you would need to log into your minecraft account using your Windows 10 device.

So long as you have been able to select or create a skin, the minecraft website will allow you Download or Save the skin. When you receive this prompt, ensure you click on Save. The file would be saved to the Downloads folder of your PC. Ensure the file has a .png extension.

Upload the Unique Skin to Minecraft

In order to upload your selected or created skin, log into your Minecraft account, click on your account name which you would find at the top of your screen, then click on “Profile”. You would be directed to a separate page where you would find “Changing the way you look in-game on PC/Mac” option at the lower area of your screen.

In the separate page you would find “Skins” as an option from the menu, click on it, and select “Browse Skin”. This would direct you to your PC folders, navigate to the Downloads folder or any folder where you saved the downloaded file and select the skin you created. Once you are done with the upload, log out of Minecraft and login again. You would find the new skin when you load your game again.

Depending on what you want to achieve with Minecraft, there is always something for everyone in the game.  You can decide to just build a house with your friends, catch some small creatures to defend your homes, or engage in demanding survival challenges with your online friends. Whatever the case, you are sure to have a good time with your game.

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