Virtual worlds have become better when girls came to it – and it happened at the dawn of video game times. We began to save them, take them to the team, fall in love, fear them – today, the game industry is simply unthinkable without a beautiful half of humanity. Without a doubt, all virtual girls are beautiful and charming, but even among them, there are the best of the best. We chose 5 female video game characters that make the hearts of all gamers beat faster.

Villains: Sarah Louise Kerrigan

Human, Queen of Zerg, or a mixture of both, it does not matter because, in any guise, Sarah Louise Kerrigan has managed to maintain her sophistication and dangerous charm. Because of her psi-abilities, Sarah actually lost priceless moments from her childhood. Twenty-four-hour and exhausting training brought up a real soldier in her, who faithfully serves the ideals of the Confederation. As a child, she accidentally kills her mother in an outburst of anger and traumatizes her father’s mind by using her incredible abilities. Since then, Kerrigan has been isolated from society, all free time has been given to training and self-control. As a result, the government has created a closed, purposeful, cold-blooded and faithful warrior who is ready to carry out the most dangerous missions. In addition, her feelings were suppressed by special chips.

Sarah prefers to spend time alone because her telepathic abilities constantly do not let her rest. The heroine is guided by her instincts – evil and cruel or kind and noble. Sarah Louise Kerrigan was remembered as a very versatile and hardy person who, despite her incredible strength, still needs support and understanding. Like all other girls, you know.

Short story:

During the next task, Kerrigan is ambushed by the Swarm, but the Tyrrhenian fleet under the command of Arcturus Mengsk is not in a hurry to help his best employee, soon the girl realizes that she was betrayed, so she surrenders to the paws of the aliens. The mind, controlling the Zerg, was aware of Sarah’s great destiny. She became part of the alien intellect, the body underwent cardinal changes, but the mind remained untouched. After a while, the Overmind, the ruler of the Swarm dies, Kerrigan takes his place. Now the Queen of Blades decides to revive the former horror of the Zerg, reversing all its fury and malice against the whole universe.

Witches: Bayonetta

Probably, none of the witch’s clan did know, and to this day does not know how to effectively, gracefully, refined and stylishly deal with demons and other enemies. Bayonetta is, without a doubt, an outrageous woman who knows how to surprise. Before destroying the enemy, she will perform several magnificent pirouettes and acrobatic stunts, which will force the aggressor unawares. Bayo even likes to joke during a fight, but most of all, her weakness manifests itself when she sees caramel on a stick. A big angel or a creature of darkness – they are all just another entertainment, but it’s better not to demonize her, since in anger she can crush anyone, invoking giant otherworldly beings. Even dark tight clothes can be transformed into a giant fist or heel. Also, the heroine can change her appearance, turning into different creatures or taking the image of a random person. Bayonetta despises other forces and is neutral to the world of people, but at the same time helps them. For her, people are very strange and in some way unusual creatures.

Short story:

Bayonetta was created by one crazy alchemist with the use of the forces of good and evil. He predicted a great future for her, but could not educate a girl anymore, so the girl was brought to the orphanage. There she spent most of her time reading books because of this the child’s vision deteriorated, and she began wearing glasses. Soon the little girl was pursued by demons who tried to kill her. Bayo was forced to leave the orphanage. Wandering through the alleys of the city of Portland, she tried to survive until a young witch was discovered by one of the mercenaries. He sheltered and trained her.

Vampires: Tala

Tala was raised by her mother and father in a small Indian settlement. From the very childhood, the girl feels a gift for shamanism. Tala’s mother dies, and the tribal chiefs decide to expel the girl and her father from the village, thinking that Tala can impose a terrible curse on them. The exiled family becomes a victim of bandits who kill a single parent, and the girl Tala is kept in slavery until the criminals themselves become victims of vampires; they would not mind eating a charming captive, but a critical situation is saved by some Darkwatch organization specializing in hunting for evil spirits. Because of her incredible abilities, she becomes a professional hunter. It would seem that now the girl can do noble work, protecting people, but, nevertheless, her thoughts are very insidious. Developers present the image of the character as very sexy, determined and fearless.

Short story:

In the game Darkwatch, the character’s goal is the vampire Jericho Cross, whom she wants to seduce in order to become a bloodsucker herself.

Through her appearance and character, Tala became one of the sexiest characters in the history of video games, gaining an advanced position in many ratings.

Companions: Alyx Vance

An energetic and purposeful girl who, at a very young age, lost her mother. In all the troubles the heroine accuses the Alliance, and therefore she joins the ranks of the Resistance with her father, Eli Vance. The heroine always worried about her family and friends, since the alliance soldiers constantly pursued “violators of order.” Alyx is ​​well versed in programming and various devices, in the future these skills have repeatedly saved the lives of many insurgents. Successful completion of the mission for her is above all and because of this, she constantly risks her life, diverting numerous enemy forces to let the rest of the group successfully complete a task. The girl is always friendly to people, constantly supporting and inspiring them to great deeds. The programmer has a specific sense of humor, even during dangerous trips, she does not miss the chance to have fun, frightening the protagonist. Also, Alyx loves to invent names for different creatures and robots.

Short story:

Alyx Vance in the game Half-Life 2 works in the Resistance squad. Together with other people, she works on the creation of portals. Later in City 17 arrives Gordon Freeman. As soon as she found out about it, the girl hurries to meet the main character, saving him from the patrol. Since then they have become inseparable companions.

Demonesses: Rachel

An incredibly beautiful hunter of demons, who herself is a hybrid of man and demon. Rachel always likes to be at the center of everyone’s attention, so she always uses bright makeup and sexy clothes, although Hell’s ministers never appreciate the image of the heroine, wanting to kill her again and again. Behind the appearance of the hunter is a skillful, noble, kind and strong fighter who will not be frightened by an entire army of monsters. The girl, like her sister, suffers a curse of blood that turns people into demons. Rachel prefers to fight alone, acting coolly and decisively, but at heart, the heroine is kind and merciful. At the first meeting, the blonde posits herself as an insensitive and determined person, but in fact, she is ready to make serious sacrifices for the sake of protecting beloved people.

Short story:

In the game Ninja Gaiden (2004), the demon hunter Rachel becomes the key female character who tries to atone for her guilt by overcoming her own sister Alma. In the game Ninja Gaiden Sigma, she first becomes a playable character. Players liked this demoness, turning her into a sex symbol of Ninja Gaiden series.

Every gamer would like to get acquainted with a girl who would be like his favorite game character. Many people think that this is an impossible dream. But we have good news: every game character has a prototype. These are the girls who surround us every day, we just need to be able to see in them charming companions, a vampire, and a demoness. The easiest way to do this is if the girls themselves are talking about their interests, including about computer games. For example, girls from do not hesitate to talk about their hobbies and with a great pleasure will appear in the image of Rachel or the charming Alyx Vance before her chosen one!

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