Toy Fair 2018: The Return of Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket has  been around in many forms through my entire life, her most iconic being very small (pocket sized maybe?) and coming with a beautiful compact home which often included cutesy things or fantasy elements. With all of the 90’s hype that’s been going on lately, why wouldn’t Polly Pocket make her triumphant return? It’s her time to shine now. There’s definitely nostalgia for the original Polly Pockets – something about the tiny compact home made it the coolest toy ever and even makeup company Lime Crime successfully replicated the Polly aesthetic for one of their top selling palettes. There’s still many collectors with popular Instagram posts showing off their original Polly Pockets.

Original 1992 Starlight Castle Polly Pocket –

But how do the original Polly Pockets compare to the new ones?

Well – they’re for kids. Not collectors. There’s going to be an animated series to introduce the children of today to our once loved Polly and the compacts are a little more kid safe. I never knew why Polly Pocket disappeared in the first place but I always assumed it was because of choking hazards. This new Polly is a little bigger but still very cute, so for the aesthetic collector she might still be a cool thing to add to the shelf.

2018 Polly Pocket Line Revealed at NYTF (PRNewsfoto/Mattel, Inc.)

“Many of today’s parents were the generation that made Polly Pocket a phenomenon and now they can introduce their children to Polly’s world,” said Hailey Sullivan, VP of Marketing, Girls Toy Box Mattel.  “We know that the 90’s is making a resurgence so what better time to bring back the beloved micro-playsets for the next generation.”

The toy launch will be supported with a marketing campaign with Polly inspiring girls to be capable, courageous and tenacious in their own lives, just like her. Polly Pocket product will hit toy shelves this summer.


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