Jessica Jones Season 2: Trish Walker’s Future

Toward the end of season two for Jessica Jones, things changed a great deal between Trish Walker and Dr. Karl Malus. Walker has been very focused on getting her own superpowers and she convinces Malus to create an operation for her. Malus purchases a drug in order to do that and the drug is FVRCP. Throughout this second season, Walker has wanted to gain superpowers. During season one, she even took one of the red pills belonging to Will Simpson, receiving strength from them, which she used while fighting. While the titular character struggles a tad bit with alcoholism herself, Walker seems to be developing some addictive personality because of these events she is experiencing.

During this season, she stole the inhaler that belonged to Simpson. Inside it, there was a gaseous version of the pills from season 1. She’s moonlighted as a do-gooder at night and years earlier, she struggled with drug addiction. As her inhaler inevitably runs empty, she starts to find herself in difficult territory. She seeks out Malus to help her find a more permanent solution to her difficulties. She wants him to operate on her as he did on Jones, so she can get superpowers. The FVRCP is a vaccination drug for cats.

It usually prevents different genetic and respiratory viruses within cats themselves. It seems that Malus might be trying to give Walker cat-like abilities. Walker becomes Hellcat in the comics, who does indeed have abilities similar to a cat as well as psychic abilities and being a well-trained martial arts expert. It appears like the operation was not a success with Jones interrupting things. Jones saw Walker bleeding in the lab and she got her out of the building. Throughout the next many days, she is unconscious in the hospital. Once she is out of the hospital toward the end of the season, Walker goes to talk with Jones at her apartment. What happens next is telling.

Walker catches her phone with different cat-like abilities before it falls. It appears that she may be moving toward her comic book alter ego for the next season. What is still left up to uncertainty is her addiction. She seems to have an addictive personality and it’s unknown if she will continue to battle this issue again and again. According to the US Surgeon General, one in seven US citizens struggle with addiction and 10 percent of those struggling with addiction ever find help from dual diagnosis treatment centers.

Walker seems to exhibit traits of dealing with an addictive personality. She does not appear to have any way to move forward past this addiction and it has culminated in her potential new superhero identity. The future appears uncertain for the character in getting help from dual diagnosis treatment centers for her struggles. Yet, if she does become a superhero, it could lead to her having a whole new life rather than one she had with drugs prior and her seeking to become a superhero through an experimentation with drugs.

However, she may still be struggling with addiction either way even if she does become a superhero. If a drug experimentation and need to become a superhero were what led Walker to that fate, it could prove to be a continued issue for the character in the next season.

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