Illustrating a Cover for Marvel Comics: What It Takes

There is no doubt that Marvel Comics is one of the giants in the animation and cartoon industry today. For many decades now, they have consistently dominated this genre in the entertainment industry. Most kids have experienced great entertainment from them. This has not only created a good reputation for the company but also has enabled all those working for the company to take home a handsome remuneration.

Marvel only works with the finest illustration agencies and talented artists who can deliver excellent results. For those who are lucky enough to work with Marvel Comics, they can attest that being in the company has many benefits.

What It Takes to Work for Marvel Comics

Getting the opportunity to work for Marvel does not come lightly at all. It is only reserved for the best illustrators who can prove their talent through their work and creativity. Both students and seasoned illustrators in the company are considered to be assets to the company. They have to gain the experience of becoming better with each day.

According to Jonathan Rheingold, who is one of the senior directors at the firm, students are assigned to seasoned illustrators so that they can learn how it is done here. All staff undergoes personalized training to enhance their talents, skills and creativity.

The recruitment process of Marvel Comics is probably the most difficult part any artist aspiring to join the team would experience. The editors have to go through all the applications coming from different talented people around the world. But, what are they really looking for? In addition to reviewing the art that is submitted alongside the applications, they also check the applicant’s story. Only the best are selected without compromise, which can eventually cost the company.

Experience of the Lucky Few

Unlike what most illustrators would think in such an industry, where different people usually work on the same storyboard, the comic company will give their new entrant a whole task from start to finish. They will have to complete it within the assigned time. The main goal for this is to ensure that they can learn the strong points of each student and focus on them later. The weak areas that can be improved are also given the necessary attention. Apart from just sketching, the students are supposed to match this with their scripts and ensure that the text and illustrations go well together. Only then do their layouts get approved.

This is not the final process because they also have to spend a little more time practicing with detailed pencil and ink. This is also where they must create a complete and detailed character with the scripts given. The students who perfect this stage are ready to perform real tasks for production.

Getting the Reward

Working for Marvel Comics has numerous rewards that come directly or indirectly. As mentioned above, the team takes homes some good cash and the fame of working with a giant illustration company. It also improves your career many times over especially for those who are here for numerous years. Who wouldn’t want to work for this company?

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