A mint condition Pokemon Charizard 1st Edition Shadowless card is now worth a cool $2499.00, which makes an entire collection worth a fortune. For collector Misty, the thought that her collection is now worth a down payment on a property is almost more than she can bear, as the entire collection is now missing. For other geeks out there, there are those items in your treasure trove that should just remain there for nostalgic reasons. Others, however, may just need to go to a bank vault instead.

Don’t Be Like Chris Robinson’s Father

Beanie Babies were one of the most exciting toys to hit the fast food chain, McDonald’s. Also distributed to Hallmark stores, kids harassed their parents for these at every meal opportunity. Robinson’s father invested over $100,000 in the toy craze and now has the evidence of his investment safely tucked into his garage. The high demand for these toys never materialized and Robinson now only sits with his $100,000 loss. The creator of the Beanie Babies, on the other hand, is now worth a cool $2.5 billion. Perhaps the tide will change at least enough for Robinson to recoup his losses and even make a small profit.

That Old Stash Of Comic Books Might Just Be Worth Something

Before withdrawing everything from your checking account for a stash of vintage comics at the local comic book store (they might appreciate in value, you know?) – get your hands on a copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. This guide provides accurate information about the rarity of a comic book, and also what makes it so special. For instance, the first appearance of characters, a key change in the storyline, etc. Michael Rorrer got more than he bargained for when clearing out his late great uncle’s house. A stash of neatly piled, well-preserved comic books was tucked away in a basement closet. For this collection, Rorrer pocketed $3.5 million after the auction.

A Second Chance For John Popadiuk

Whisper the words “Magic Girl” in the pinball underworld and you’ll be met with stares of disgust. This is because clients who ordered their very own Magic Girl pinball machine paid for it in part or in full, and never received it. There were only supposed to be 24, but John faced several lawsuits when he was unable to continue production on these models. Now, years later, a pinball manufacturing company called Deeproot Pinball is set to hire John as his qualifications met their requirements the best. John feels remorse that he couldn’t meet the demands of his customers all those years ago and hope this new chance at creating great pinball machines will redeem him.

While collecting collectibles and holding on to them is good, hoarding, on the other hand, is not. To prevent becoming the focus of a reality show one day, stick to a single collection and keep it neat.

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