How to Watch US Netflix While Traveling Abroad

You ever wanted to go on that vacation but at the same time not miss all your favorite TV shows on Netflix? If you believe that you need to wait to return to the US to be able to load Netflix up again then you are wrong.

You can watch the US version of Netflix from any country if you use a VPN.

How does this work?

If you install a VPN on your computer or device then you will be able to switch your IP address to that of a different country. So, if you happen to be outside if the US with a VPN you will be able to change your IP address to that of a US one.

This way Netflix (and any other websites you visit) will think that you are actually located in the US.

All you need to do after this is to access your Netflix account (or refresh the Netflix website if it was already open) and you will instantly be able to see the US Netflix content library. So, in other words, no matter what country you are located in you will be able to access the US Netflix library if you use a VPN and a US IP address.

Of course this also works for different countries as well. If you wish to watch the US version of Netflix then you can do so by connecting to a UK IP address.

But didn’t Netflix Ban All VPNs?

The news is full with all kinds of reports that Netflix has banned all VPNs. First, technically this is not possible because Netflix cannot just ban a VPN, it’s not how it works. A VPN is nothing more than just a server that has several different IP addresses.

As explained in the above linked page, Netflix employees will sign up to a VPN service and manually connect to every IP address and add those IP addresses to a blacklist. They have to do this for every IP address.

The issue is that a VPN can have tens of thousands of individual IP addresses, making it extremely difficult for Netflix staff to ban all of them. Also, a VPN can any time add new IP addresses, replacing the ones that were banned by Netflix.

The truth still is that many VPNs do not work with Netflix. One of the reasons for this is that not all VPNs were made for streamers in mind. Some VPNs simply do not care if all their IPs were banned by Netflix because those VPNs do not sell themselves as VPNs for steaming.

Many other VPNs may just be bad and offer low quality services or do not have the resources to constantly update their banned IP lists. This is the reason why many VPNs do not work with Netflix and other streaming sites.

Won’t Netflix Disable My Account if I Use a VPN?

You may think that if Netflix detects that you use a VPN it would cancel or disable your account. This is never the case and it will also never change for the simple reason that it is not illegal to use a VPN and it’s especially not illegal to use a VPN for Netflix.

What Netflix can do when it detects that you use a VPN is to ban the IP address you are using (the VPN IP address that is…) and display an error message when you try to play a movie or a TV show.

This is the infamous Netflix proxy error.

In this situation all you need to do is to disconnect from the VPN connection you are using at the moment and re-connect to a different server in the VPN network. If you still get the error then try another server. If you get the same error on any server you use it means that the VPN you’re using is not suited for Netflix and you should look for a different one.

And that’s it. This is how you can watch the US version of Netflix from any country. Remember that not all VPNs work on Netflix. You should search the web for real user reviews to see what VPNs currently work with different streaming sites.

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