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How to Win in Fortnite Battle Royale

Still haven’t won a game of Fortnite? This article might be for you. In a game that’s taken the world by storm. With millions playing every day, actually beating out 99 other players and winning a single player game of Fortnite Battle Royale is harder than you think. Often, it’s the same people with the same set of skills and knowledge that are winning games again and again, leaving those with hundreds of games started still without a win. Fortnite is fast becoming one of the most popular games in the history of gaming for a good reason.

Well if you’re looking for some of that knowledge to help take you to the next level, this article could be for you. So, how do you win in Fortnite Battle Royale?

Drop-in somewhere safe

One mistake many players make in every game of Fortnite is that they simply drop in as soon as they can. If you take a few seconds and simply look, you’ll see how many people do this. Those people might want to have a quick bit of fun, but they rarely ever win.

Wait a few second towards the end of the count and until most people have jumped out. Then jump out. Don’t just drop straight down, either. Get moving.

Another mistake people make is that they go for the heavily-populated towns and areas with place names on the map. Yes, there’s tons of good loot here but these are where everyone goes and you’ll have a hard time surviving more than a minute or two unless you’ve got tons of skill.

Try aiming for those small little houses on the edge of the map and a long way from where the bus started. These areas might not seem as great but they’ve still got lots of good loot if you simply run through a couple of old houses.

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Stay at the edge of the storm

You don’t have to run for the storm as soon as the siren sounds. Give yourself plenty of time to carefully pick your way towards where you know there are going to be other people. Be as stealthy as possible and move from cover to cover. Think like a Navy Seal would rather than a headless chicken, if you really want to win.

Don’t build until you’ve been spotted

One mistake many people make in Fortnite is building too often. Yes, it’s good being able to throw up some steel cover, but you should only do this when you’ve already been spotted. You’ve got one advantage on your side until then: stealth. If you haven’t been seen, why do you need that big structure that simply gives your position away to everyone else in the area?


Camping might be a dirty word in online gaming but if you really want to get that first win, you might want to do it. If you’re already inside the safe area,  you don’t even need to move anywhere else for a while. One great spot you can use is the bushes. Far too many players keep moving when they’re already inside where they need to be, again giving away their position.

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