Geeks Rejoice – Demand for Tech Careers is Skyrocketing

Top tech companies rake in over a hundred billion dollars a year in profit – making geeks the leaders of the world economy. Long-gone are the days where nerds had to hide out in their basements and garages to tinker with computers. In fact, “geeky” career fields are quickly becoming the most in-demand, high paying jobs in the world. And much like sports – the comic book, video game, and arcade collectibles market has exploded with it. It seems that the not-so far-off future will prove to be quite lucrative for geeks. So in order to get in on the action, it’s important to understand which careers have the most promise.

Video Game Development

Most graduating college students have played, or at least heard of the massively popular online game, Fortnite. Worth an estimated $8 billion and rising, Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, have revolutionized the way developers make video games. And new graduates who want to work for any gaming company as a software developer will settle their student funding in no time. The median salary for this career is $102,280 with an expected 17% growth through 2024. What used to be seen as a cult-subset of the American population, the video game community rapidly growing and paying off ten-fold for the geeks who helped start it.

Web Design

Students today may have a hard time remembering life pre-internet, but it wasn’t too long ago that the World Wide Web was viewed as a useless novelty by generations used to traditional paper, pens, and books. Now the internet has entrenched itself into the fabric of the world economy, with nearly every major industry relying on the instant information and communication it provides. And while making money off the internet isn’t seen as a “new” way of doing business anymore, it still pays. Web designers are in high-demand, and command up to $116,000/year for their services. Major companies know more people interact with their websites than a physical location, and are willing to pay top dollar to people who make the best, user-friendly websites.

The consistent wave of new technology, and further development of the internet only solidifies this industry as a stable, lucrative career to pursue. And with growing demand and influence, it’s easy to find a tech job that appeals to the geek inside all of us. But for the graduating students out there who spent their childhood avoiding sunlight and seeking screenlight, the future looks especially bright on the virtual horizon.

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