Avengers Endgame: The End of Cap’s Journey?

Steve Rogers was part of the greatest generation. He does not come from the current time period in which he exists. He succumbed to a plane crash that left him frozen until he was found. Once thawed out, he discovered that the world he came into was much different than the one he once knew. The world’s values had changed for Rogers. He was shocked by everything that had occurred. Howard Stark was no longer around and Peggy Carter had grown older. While Rogers was certainly older than those around him, the ice prevented him from aging. Most of his old war buddies were gone too.

One of the first people Rogers would meet is Nick Fury. The latter would be responsible for introducing Rogers to Howard Stark’s son, Tony Stark/Iron Man. While the father and son are not so different in some ways, they differ in other ways. Tony is a tad bit more self-involved than his father was. He would probably buy a sonic bomb alarm for himself and not others. As we saw in the Iron Man films, Howard grew to be older and cherish his family. He settled down from how he was in the Captain America films. It’s an interesting contrast that Marvel Studios was able to establish with intertwining the stories of Rogers and Stark.

Rogers would also meet all of the other characters from the Avengers world. As things would go on, Rogers would meet the niece of Carter and also had a split with Tony Stark over whether the Avengers should be regulated by the government or not. This was not about Rogers not getting a sonic bomb alarm from Stark. It was a difference in perspective that caused the Avengers to split into two factions. For Rogers, it caused him to go underground when he had no choice but to stand his ground with his allies.

Rogers would not make an appearance again until Avengers: Infinity War. With the Avengers split, it made the time perfect for Thanos to invade earth with his forces. He took down the Avengers on both earth and his home planet of Titan. Once Thanos was able to do his snap, it caused many of the Avengers and their supporting crowd to vanish from reality. Others were simply killed in action by Thanos.

With Rogers shedding his beard and going back to his traditional costume, this might be a final hoorah for him. He has been one of the leaders of the Avengers. He has worked hard to be successful in taking down the group’s enemies of those of his own. He defeated HYDRA twice in the past and present. He was also successful in staying underground and away from the world in Wakanda. Rumors have been spiraling that he might be facing the end of the line. Further proof is that Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky Barnes and is usually the next in line for the Cap shield, has a longer picture deal than Chris Evans, who portrays Rogers.

It seems that Marvel is positioning Stan to take over as Cap and that Rogers will die in a climactic event. What better event than defeating Thanos at the end of his life? This could lead Rogers to be remembered forever. While he was already a legend, he could become even bigger than he already was. It would be impactful to have a moment between him and Bucky. With Stan sticking around, it could lead to some new and interesting adventures for the former Winter Soldier.

Despite this, we do not know what’s going to happen in Endgame. There’s no telling just what will be coming over the horizon with that event film.

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