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Developing Video Games – Did You Know There’s A Program For You?

Did you know the global gaming industry amounts to $70 billion? Whether it is Super Mario or Tekken 3, Super Baseball or Grand Theft Auto, this industry hasn’t failed to enthrall us over decades. The craze for video games is evident from the fact that two-thirds of the American population play video games of which 60% are men and 40% women.

With the gaming industry growing at a whopping 9% every year in the United States, game developers are coming up everywhere, be it in huge organizations, start-ups and even at the comfort of their own houses. If you have an idea to develop a game with no coding talents, not to worry. You too can build your own video game with some easy to use programming applications without the hassle of coding a single line. Or, you could enjoy as a gamer with a WinsPark bonus code too; it’s up to you.

Getting started!!

Being a gaming expert and fanatic is one thing and sitting down to build a game yourself is a different ball game altogether. Even if you don’t have to get involved in the technical coding aspect of developing a game, patience and clarity of thought are virtues you must possess.

Remember when you first learned how to read and would have to spell each word out loud before pronouncing it as a whole? The same concept applies to when you start developing a game. Do not set unachievable targets right at the beginning and do not get disheartened if your initial trials don’t look as desired.

Programming software

Some programs which may help you getting started with designing your first video game are given below:

  1. Buildbox
    Buildbox is a user-friendly gaming software that helps you create 3D games through drag and down functionality. Its many features like camera control, asset library and nodes can enable any newbie to create a game. With the asset library you can drag and drop smart assets into your game.

    Nodes help in developing the individual aspects of a character or object to control movements. Furthermore, you can create nodes with the scripting engine feature. The APIs are created with java script which simplifies your understanding of coding even if you are a novice.
  2. Twine
    Another programming software, twine may help you transform your next gaming idea into a working video game enjoyed by your peers. Without any knowledge of coding, twine’s visual editor enables you to enter your gaming concept and helps you in understanding the basic principles of programming.

    Gaining knowledge of how to link nodes, if-then statements and variable manipulation while practically creating games serves a dual purpose of learning while creating your own masterpiece.
  3. Stencyl

This programming software uses blocks to create games of your liking. For new users, the graphical interface software uses these building blocks and converts them into codes at the back-end. In case, you have any knowledge of coding, you can edit logic statements or rewrite the codes to customize the blocks as per your liking.

Participating in events like Game jams and following online tutorials individual game developers like Steve Swink and Chris Hecker, allow you to develop prototypes under regulated guidelines, meet fellow developers and hone new skills and ideas.

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