Approaching The End With Oliver Queen: Arrow Season 8

Oliver Queen has been an old soul since the beginning of season one. He has always had much going on since he returned home from the island. He only progressed further into being a veteran crime fighter as he went through many life events. Some were great. Most were horrible and scarred him. At one point during Legends of Tomorrow, we got a glimpse of what a future Oliver Queen would look like. He had one arm and had surrendered to the son of Slade Wilson, Grant. The episode occurs during season one of the show and is called Star City 2046.

It is impressive to see Oliver decide to stand up to his archenemy’s son after the latter cut his arm off, which seemed to end his career as Green Arrow. However, when Oliver has the Legends come by for a visit, he and the new Green Arrow, Connor Hawke, fight alongside his time traveling friends to defeat Wilson and take Star City back. While Arrow season eight is likely not to show such a badly defeated Oliver Queen, the question of what will Green Arrow be like in the end remains.

It would be fascinating to see an effective end to Oliver Queen’s life. What would he really be like in the end? It would be difficult to tell because of all of the time travel business that affects the timeline. This comes from the other shows in the Arrowverse such as Legends and The Flash. What I think Oliver would need is a sonic bomb alarm clock that would wake him up. It probably would help him wake up on time and be ever vigilant. Oliver’s need to fight crime may be similar to taking care of a newborn. His sleep patterns will be sporadic and his need for it might grow. It’s why a sonic bomb alarm clock could be best for him. All of that will depend on what age he is at the end of season eight.

He could be much older like that Legends episode depicts. Yet, he is likelier to not be much older than how he is right now. Stephen Amell, who portrays Queen, is currently 37-years-old and quickly approaching 40. We can guess that Oliver will remain at the age he is now. What looks to be a real game-changer for Oliver is Crisis on Infinite Earths.

This crossover is not only the most ambitious the CW has ever orchestrated but it could prove to be the final defining hour for Oliver. During last year’s crossover, he sought to make a deal with the Monitor that seemed to guarantee Barry Allen/The Flash and Kara Zor-El/Supergirl would survive the next crossover. What did Oliver offer in exchange? Most think it will be his life. He will be sacrificing himself to save the lives of his friends.

That’s not too different from how Oliver has been in the past. He is always seeking to impact the lives of those he cares about. What better way for Oliver to go out? It would be a legendary event that would be remembered by fans of the Arrowverse for a long time to come. The other shows won’t be ending anytime soon and a new addition to the Arrowverse is about to come: Batwoman. With the end of one hero’s adventures and the beginning of a new one’s, the last season of Arrow will prove to be not only definitive but potentially legendary and earth-shattering as well. It’s just the way Oliver Queen would want his end to be.

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