What’s Next For The King of Atlantis?

At the end of Aquaman, Orm was captured and things remained peaceful. Arthur was victorious in claiming his birthright and became king. He overcame all the barriers that were before him and he stopped a cataclysmic war from happening between land and sea. He also seems to have found someone he loves: Mera. All is going well for Arthur, it seems. He might even get a turquoise clock! However, as Orm walked away, Arthur offered to reconcile while the former had a look of revenge on his face. You know Orm is not happy whatsoever about losing the throne to Arthur. Yet, he’s not the only one.

David Kane is pretty angry too. Not only did he lose his father because Arthur refused to save him, but he lost multiple times throughout the movie in getting his vengeance against Arthur. So, the question is: where does this leave the next movie? While both villains seem angry and wish for vengeance, there should be a bigger set of difficulties that Arthur faces in the sequel, especially regarding those he governs. While there were a good number of people present to see Arthur defeat Orm, it was not every citizen of Atlantis. Who wants this half-breed ruling over their kingdom?

It would seem logical there would be many who do not accept Arthur as the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. It could make sense that there is going to be resistance to his rule since many could be loyal to Orm. It may be that a civil war comes about between those who accept the new king and those that are loyal to Orm. It could make for an interesting premise within the film. Add that to the fact that Kane’s Black Manta is making a deal with Dr. Stephen Shin and it may be the best thing a fan could hope for.

If Kane is angry and Shin assists him with his plans to defeat Arthur, this may be a whole new dimension that makes the film even more epic. A turquoise clock would not even probably make Kane happy. New alliances formed and enemies created will be part of this new film. This should come as a result of Arthur’s actions from the first film and the new film should focus on the consequences of Arthur seeking the throne. If the film follows this direction, it will be a very fascinating movie to watch. Fans will eat up the direction of where things could be going with this. And here’s the key to the next film: don’t go and kill characters unnecessarily.

Too much in superhero cinema do we see the deaths of different characters. The same happens on superhero television too. It often does not make any sense to viewers because it can be really stupid and just for plot reasons. Examples can include the death of Black Canary on Arrow or Frigga in Thor: The Dark World. These were not really necessary and just done for bloodshed. If the Aquaman creative team is able to come up with something wholly original, it will be really fascinating to watch.

They already scored a home run with the first film and assembled an amazing cast. Why get rid of any of the cast that made the first film work? There are many concerns going into making a sequel to a successful film but it’s something that needs to happen to continue the adventures of our favorite king of the sea, Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. He has finally achieved the throne he always deserved and now he will rule justly over all the people of Atlantis.

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