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Ranked: The Best Superhero Slot Games for 2019

Comic book merch is big business, lending itself to everything from lunchboxes to blockbuster movies and video games. It permeates the world of casino, too, with some of the most popular slots on the planet being based on comic books, with many tying into the renaissance we have seen in superhero films on screen recently.

New releases of comic book slots are happening all the time, and there are literally dozens to choose from. DC Comics features heavily as Marvel (or more aptly, Disney) is reluctant to get involved with casino gaming. Regardless, we have looked at the latest creations and ranked the top five available at casinos in 2019.


Is Robocop technically a superhero? You can the argue the definition all day long, but it doesn’t takeaway from the fact that Robocop slot is one of the most ambitious, rip-roaring casino games around. It is created by Playtech, and it features prominently among Mansion Casino’s house games due to its popularity. Why the buzz? Put simply, special bonus features and cool graphics, including real clips from the 1980s version of the movie, set it apart. Arguably one of the best video slots on the planet.


This slot is based solely on the comic book material, rather than the latest Aquaman movie, so no Jason Momoa on screen as Mr Arthur Curry. Still, the game does not suffer one bit for being the non-Hollywood version, and it does in fact seem to celebrate comic book characters. The big feature here is Aquaman’s Free Games Bonus, which can lead to huge pays after Aquaman has altered his foes into winning symbols. The game, like other DC Comics games on this list, is tied into a four-tier progressive jackpot.

Superman II

There are a lot of casino games featuring the Man of Steel, but Superman II, which is based on the Christopher Reeve movie, stands out from the rest. Unlike Aquaman above, this is a movie adaptation, so you’ll see plenty of Reeve and Terence Stamp’s General Zod on screen. The highlight of this one is clearly the five different bonus games, including The Battle for Metropolis Bonus and Skyline Fight Free Games. A perfect tribute to arguably the best Superman film in history.

Batman Begins

Not to be outdone by Superman, Batman has several slots too. To be fair, it’s difficult to choose from them, as each is uniquely different in theme and gameplay. Batman Begins just tops the list because it is such an ambitious slot. It is, in fact, five different games in one, as certain symbols combinations will change the game mode. As the title suggests, this is officially licensed stuff based on the Christopher Nolan movies.

Justice League

Despite being a comic-book slot, one could argue that Justice League – based on the Zack Snyder 2017 movie – is a game for ‘serious’ casino players. What that means is that, despite having great graphics, the game is more focused on traditional slot gameplay than inventive special features. Take nothing away from it though, Justice League packs a might punch in terms of payout potential and has become one of the most popular slots around today.

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