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Game Shows Are Popular Again!

It seems like many of the top stories out there in the world of entertainment entail game shows. Today people are looking at game shows beyond Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, and The Price Is Right. They’re looking at various unique shows that take some intriguing twists. Some older shows are making comebacks as well. It is truly exciting to see how the genre has been on the rise in recent time.

An Everyman Approach

Networks are betting on game shows because they know there’s a general everyman style that comes with these programs. Most of the shows out there are ones that entail people looking to possible win big in many ways. The Price Is Right is a great example of this, as it is easy for people to enjoy the show because the game entails people looking at various products and figuring out their values. The challenge that comes with playing the games on The Price Is Right is something that all people can appreciate in many forms.

Loving Games

There’s an interest that people have in playing games that cannot be ignored. People love playing games of all sorts, including games they might find on It only makes sense that people would love to watch other games that they see online and that they are especially interested in what is out there.

A Sense of Investment

There’s a desire for people to be more invested in game shows these days. People are interested in stories on game shows involving many people who are looking to get big money. Look at shows such as Deal or No Deal, and you will hear about the many people who are looking to win big so they can attain their dreams. People are often invested in these stories because they know that there’s always something worth noting on these shows.

A Return to Nostalgia

People are also interested in game shows because there’s a noticeable nostalgia factor out there in the world of entertainment. People want to check out the many things of their past in many new ways. Part of this can be noticed by how many older game shows are making a comeback in recent time. Shows such as the Match Game and Password have been revived in recent time with new versions. Other classic shows such as Press Your Luck and Card Sharks are also experiencing some big comebacks with new versions of those shows as well.

Even some of the lesser-known game shows out there have been rebooted. The Joker’s Wild isn’t remembered by too many, but TBS has managed to have a hit in its reboot with Snoop Dogg as its host. With that in mind, it’s only a matter of time before the Scrabble game show or Supermarket Sweep gets a reboot.

The Stars Are Out

People are still interested in celebrities these days, and game shows have plenty of them. People can catch Alec Baldwin hosting the new Match Game and bringing in many great celebrities who are shooting the breeze and possibly getting drunk at the same time. Meanwhile, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader is growing in popularity with professional wrestler and actor John Cena being the new host of the show. The rise of celebrity-oriented game shows during the summer television season is worth noting as well.

People Are Interested In Those Who Win Big

Even the people who appear on these game shows are becoming celebrities in their own right. The public is fascinated with people who do ridiculously well on game shows. This can be noticed through the success of James Holzhauer, the recent Jeopardy! Champion who won more than $2 million dollars over more than thirty games of the series? His gameplay style and willingness to bet massive amounts of money made it to where he could win six-digit figures in thirty minutes on the show. Things like this are making game shows all the more interesting to the public again.

It is appealing to watch game shows in many forms, but this genre of television is only expected to become more popular over time. Based on what makes these so prominent, it is no surprise that people are so interested.

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