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Top Playstation 1 Games That Are Still Being Developed

It isn’t a secret that some PlayStation 1 games are extremely popular, even in 2019. But which ones are still being developed and which ones deserve your full attention today? There are a lot of them making this list incredibly difficult to create. But, we will manage and we will present you several games that are extremely appealing, desirable and superb in all the realms.

1. Mortal Kombat

Should we even explain this game? After all, it is so popular that we know you have been playing it for ages. The original version of the game was released by Midway Games’ Chicago studio in 1992 and it was considered a massive success. Gamers were able to choose various characters, to use their unique capabilities and to defeat all kinds of enemies. The graphics was basic at the time but the gameplay was superb. Over the years we saw significant improvements in graphics, characters, and techniquesof course the overall appeal of the game. It has to remain the best game for PlayStation 1 and newer consoles.

2. Street Fighter

Street Fighter is one of the oldest games we can think of. The first version was released in 1987 and developed by Capcom. Yes, it was basic with just a few characters and obsolete graphics but it allowed players to experience ultimate gameplay, fights that are on another level and to help you have tons of fun. In a nutshell, this game has been the top choice of gamers from all over the globe and it deserves a special place on our list. Since the first version, there were 7 additional versions available. Each one brought significant improvements and helped gamers gain more useful features, better graphics, and better fights.


All of you who like football will love this game and you probably know all about it. The goal here is to present you accurate teams with real player names and characteristics. If we know that in the world of football transfers are made each year, we can deduce that this game must be re-developed every single year. And yes, the developers have been providing precisely that. You can see the oldest FIFA games developed for Play Station 1 but you can also see FIFA 2020 developed for modern consoles. The goal was always the same. Allow players to use the team they like, to play versus all other teams that need your attention or to create your own team and lead it to the victory.

4. Colin McRae Rally

Those who like racing games must know all about Colin McRae Rally. It has been with us since the PlayStation 1 and it is still being developed and perfected. It has been the first and the best rally game for the console in question and it is still one of the best outcomes. The game is loaded with tracks, cars, and driversallows you to race all over the globe. The main parts here are cars that are genuine, meaning they are virtual copies of actual rally cars used in that particular year.


These were 4 games that started their life as PlayStation 1 developments but have been developed ever since. All we can add is the fact they will be available today, tomorrow and in the next century. There are no better games than these and we all know it.

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