5 of the Best Sub-Genres of Horror Films and Our Choices

Get your pulse racing: from ghosts and ghouls to sudden supernatural powers, and from demonic possessions to psychological thrillers, horror films allow us to explore all things gory and the gruesome all while curled up on our couches under a cozy blanket.

Dive into Film Oracle’s Netflix horror list this summer to get your gore on – it covers every sub-category of horror films you can imagine.

1. Ghost films and haunted houses

Staples of the horror genre are ghost stories – spirits with unfinished business on earth who are determined to see it through. Poltergeist is a classic 80s ghost movie – the Freeling family unknowingly live in a house that was built on top of an old cemetery. Naturally, those buried below are none too pleased with this turn of events, and they let the family know that. 

2. Demons and possession stories

When a seemingly normal young person or child suddenly seems to develop supernatural powers, darker forces are often at play. Demons who also have unfinished business to take care of on earth find a way to do so by taking control of an innocent person’s body, often causing them to carry out terrible acts they never would have in their own minds. The Wailing, which is set in South Korea and tops the Film Oracle list is a typical example.

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3. Horror Comedy and horror musicals

Some of the best horror films out there temper the violence and bloodshed with moments of comedy and even through song. Gremlins, a classic from 1984 teaches us not to feed gremlins at nighttime, while Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street punctuates his murders with catchy show tunes. These are best for those who are new to the genre.

4. Slasher flicks and psychological thrillers

For many of the most chilling horror films out there, no element of the supernatural needs to come into play. In fact, it can be all the more terrifying to realize the only thing that is required to create chaos and bloodshed is a psychopath. This was exemplified graphically by the Saw films, and is represented on the list by movies like the Green Room.

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5. Zombies and vampires

Which terrifies you more – zombies lurching from the grave back to life, or vampires who think of your blood as a fine red wine? Both are horror genres with much to offer, with Zombieland, which came out in 2009 making it on to FilmOracle’s list.

Studies have shown that experiencing the highs and lows of a horror film with a like-minded group of friends or even a romantic partner can add to the experience and bring you closer together – so pick your favourite sub-genre and plan a movie night soon.

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