Henry Cavill Still Wants to Come Back as Superman

As a result of the fallout from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, it was announced that Ben Affleck will not be returning as Bruce Wayne/Batman and the role was recast with Robert Pattinson. However, the situation with Henry Cavill’s Clark Kent/Superman has been left up in the air since the films were released and the response to them came. Nobody is sure what will be done with the Superman property. Some have speculated Supergirl might be made into a film. Yet, there have been some such as Christopher McQuarrie that have expressed a vision and interest in taking on the property.

As seen with Wonder Woman and Aquaman, you can still do a superhero film with those actors and not have the film connected to the events of the two aforementioned films. Such is apparent even without a signal transmitter. It would be a new start for the Man of Steel and something this Superman not only needs but deserves. In Man of Steel, we saw a new version of Superman that audiences embraced. People loved the film not only because of the great action and visuals that were brought but also the depth of the characters and the storylines navigated during it. There was so much more to the character and Henry Cavill’s portrayal of him.

It’s a shame there has not been more focus on continuing that character’s narrative, especially since the gambit he was put through in the last two films he was in. He deserved the chance to be on his own and now seems like the best opportunity. When asked by Roger Roecken, a graphic designer, during San Diego Comic-Con, he talked up about a potential Man of Steel 2. Roecken relayed the conversation via a tweet when asked about it on Twitter.

“He said he still wants to play superman,” Roecken said. “Wants a sequel to Man of Steel. Wants to explore how it affects someone with absolute power, so many stories to tell what makes him tick.”

There’s no lying there. Superman has many great stories left to tell, many of which come from the comics. There could be adaptations of those or a wholly original story that takes inspiration from the comics. Much more can be done with the Man of Steel and he deserves many creators to come to work on him. That being said, there’s no apparent appetite at Warner Brothers to get a Man of Steel 2 going.

The studio seems more interested in characters such as Batman than the man we all look to the skies to see. He’s always been a hallmark character and fans, young and old, love him. He inspires the best of us and seeks to help others around him. He does not just defeat villains. Now that the audience has gotten past the film world response to Superman in that Metropolis, we should start seeing the character take on foes such as Brainiac.

So many Superman villains still have not seen their day on film and they deserve it. There are so many great actors out there that could do them justice and it would make for an exciting movie. Cavill is a good actor and would have many fantastic scenes to stretch his acting abilities. It seems strange that WB is continuing forward without Superman. A signal transmitter needs to be built for Superman like the bat signal for Batman. That’s just what’s happening now until, perhaps, something changes.

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