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Three of the Craziest Roulette Stories in Movies

We all know some people who like to play the longshots, the really unlikely bets that you’re almost sure won’t pay off. Whether it’s in a casino in Vegas or online at a site like Paddy Power Games, you’ll find no shortage of gamblers who want to swing for the fences with their choices of games and bets. For some reason, they seem to gravitate towards roulette for this, with “all on black” a common phrase to hear.

Now, you may have heard some crazy stories about people betting everything on a single spin of the wheel.

And that is 100% true, here are three of the craziest stories about that exact thing.

Ashely Revell LITERALLY puts it all on red

Way back in 2004, Ashley Revell decided to go double or nothing on a bet. But in this case the nothing was literal as he put every asset he had to his name on the table and all on a single bet. He sold all of his possessions, including his beloved car and his clothes and raised a fairly impressive $135,300 all for the single purpose of a spin on the wheel. Now, plenty of people might prioritise their bankroll over some things in life but to sell everything? Eventually, Ashley got to Vegas and put his entire worldly possessions on Red. The wheel was spun and… Red 7. Ashley doubled his wealth handily, though it must have been pretty nerve-wracking. The entire event was the subject of a documentary covered by Sky so you can watch it for yourself if you don’t believe it happened.

Sean Connery really likes 17

Yeah, that Sean Connery, the “starring in James Bond and Highlander” Sean Connery.

So, Connery was often a fan of playing in the casino and in 1963 in Saint-Vincent, Italy he was sitting at a table watching the wheel spin and decided to put a bet on the number 17. It didn’t come in so he tried again, which is fair enough, maybe he’d be lucky this time. Unfortunately, he wasn’t, but unperturbed he tried again and, to his great fortune, the ball landed on 17! But what might be a surprise is that he then bet on 17 again.

Now, technically, the odds of a spin landing on any given number are the same for each spin but the odds of two in a row feels noticeably longer. Nevertheless, Connery placed the bet and (surprising probably everyone) the number came in again. So obviously he went for a hat-trick and bet on it again. And incredibly, it came in again.

The odds of this is about 1:50653.

He made something like £160,000 off three spins but it’s doubtful many folks would be willing to risk it the way Connery did to win.

Charles Wells breaks the bank

This isn’t really about one impressive bet but it’s still worth a mention since it won an obscene amount of money and it’s not likely anyone’s going to beat his 2 million franc record.

Charles Wells twice went to Monte Carlo and twice broke the bank in separate events. It’s worth mentioning that the man was a crook so the casino obviously kept a hawk-like eye on him but as far as anyone has been able to show he played it completely straight. He just came in, bet on roulette and won a statistically unlikely number of spins.

But since he was a crook, Wells managed to lose his amazing winnings and died poor. Somehow. Despite winning enough money to live comfortably to 100.

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