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What New Features Can We Expect to See in FIFA 20?

FIFA 20 is on its way, but with the new game now certain after much speculation, what can fans expect from the next FIFA game? EA have improved some of the key pain points from FIFA 19 for an overall improved experience, better post game football statistics, including player switching and set-piece positioning. From better defending to Volta Football, here are some of the features that gaming enthusiasts can look forward to seeing when FIFA 20 is released in September.

Volta Football

FIFA Street looks set to make a return as a game mode in FIFA 20 as Volta Football. Fans can look forward to 3v3 Rush, 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and Professional Futsal as match types in the latest game, with customizable players, online squads and much more. Male and female players will also play alongside each other in this feature too, as well as players being able to enjoy campaign modes, customizable player avatars and leagues. This feature will only be available on PS5, Xbox One and PC versions though, so Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions won’t benefit.

Football Intelligence 

FIFA 20 will showcase a new mix of features that tweaks the play of the ball itself, so you’ll get more time on the ball and more one-to-ones as a result. There’s a lot more emphasis on user-controlled defending in this iteration of the game too. Off the ball players will be spread around the pitch in a more authentic fashion and spin will impact the trajectory of the ball, so there’ll be more realistic deflections that will make the game play feel much more genuine.

Composed Finishing 

One of the biggest bugbears of players with previous FIFA games has been the one-on-one situations between players and goalkeepers, but shooting is now going to be much less irritating. The greater accuracy for shooting will allow for more shots on target and goalkeepers will lose some of their less authentic ‘superhuman’-style talents to make the game feel much more realistic. Even manual goalkeepers will be slowed down to provide a more realistic speed and players controlling the keeper will have to commit to a direction to provide a more satisfying result when you make it.

Free Kicks

Both penalty kicks and free kicks are having a revamp in the FIFA 20 game, making them easier to pull off fantastic goals from set pieces. There will be greater control of the spin on a shot too, so free kicks will be easier to achieve.


Along with the mechanics of shooting, passing is also going to be more accurate now too. Difficult passes such as 180-degree shots and those attempted at intense moments will result in a weaker ball that will be easier to intercept and result in a less successful shot. This game will also see two new options for passing added in – manual ‘dinked’ passes to elevate the ball over a defender’s leg, and the driven pass-and-go which overtakes from the current manual pass combination.

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