Willa Holland Returning to Arrow For Final Season

It’s not a surprise that many of Arrow’s former stars are all returning for the final season. At first, it was unknown whether Thea Queen would come back. She had been out destroying Lazarus pits with Nyssa al Ghul and Roy Harper. Now, it has been confirmed that Actress Willa Holland will be returning to Arrow in a recurring role throughout the final season. With her being the last living relative of the Oliver Queen family, she has served a notable role to her brother. It’s interesting that she will be making a return but Colton Haynes and Roy Harper will not be.

For the case of Thea Queen, it should be fairly obvious why she is returning. While she does not need a large display alarm clock, she needs to support her brother in the upcoming Crisis.

“We are thrilled to have Willa back in our final season,” said Beth Schwartz, showrunner for Arrow.

It’s not known whether this the main universe Thea or a different one entirely from a different universe. If it’s an alternate universe version, this Thea could never have experienced all of the tragic events on Arrow that tore her family apart.

It’s truly tragic what happened to the Queen family throughout the last many seasons from his dad’s suicide on a boat to his mother being murdered by Slade Wilson. None of this should have happened and we may get to see a version of the show, where things ended up on a happier note. It might serve as a fair contrast to the way things unfolded on our version of Arrow. In the alternate universe, there may be a large display alarm clock at the Queen mansion. Much of where things are going forward is up in the air.

It seems that the only main characters not returning are those that are not family. Thus far, Harper will not be making any appearance nor will Felicity Smoak, who is notably Oliver’s love interest on the show. Things on the show will become complicated if Queen travels to different worlds and sees how life could have been for him in other ways. It will cause the character to reflect on the events of the series and bring to resolution the forefront challenges of leading a life such as Queen did.

While Queen decided to launch this crusade against crime and many other things in the first season, it was his friends and others who assisted him in making everything happen. It’s only appropriate Queen will return those favors when he makes the ultimate sacrifice this season.

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