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Do You Feel Lucky Punk? Learn About Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

Many of us have our superstitions about numbers, whether you have a lucky number or an unlucky number. When it comes to playing jackpot games, you have the option to place on any number from 0 to 36. So, why wouldn’t you throw a bet down on your birthdate or your age, perhaps even the number of cats you own? It could be lucky!

For those who don’t have superstitions about numbers, there are plenty of other people and cultures, who do. Numerology has always been important in civilisations, from predicting futures to stargazing, and they have many different meanings across the globe. We’re going to take a look at some numbers, both lucky and unlucky, to see which category they fall into and why.

Number 8

Perhaps, 8pm is your favorite time in the day or you just like the look of it, but in Chinese culture, the number is considered lucky for other reasons. When you say the word eight in Chinese it sounds a lot like wealth which is why it is considered lucky, especially when it comes to casinos and gambling. You’ll find many people from the East standing at a roulette wheel placing bets on the number 8. The Beijing Olympics even opened on the 8/8/2008 at 8:08pm, something which we can assure you was no coincidence!

Number 5

Five is lucky because it is the number which is reflected most in nature. For example, humans have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot, they also have five senses (sight, taste, hearing, touch, smell). It isn’t just in humans we see this number five occur, there are also animals such as starfish, who have five points.

Number 9

This number is also considered lucky in Eastern civilizations. In Chinese, the word nine often sounds like ‘long-lasting’, suggesting that either your health, wealth or luck is around for a while.

Number 13

If you’re from a Western culture then you know this one is unlucky. Perhaps considered the unluckiest number – number 13. This number is involved in horror movies and unlucky dates during a calendar year, but one of the most interesting facts about this number is its avoidance in culture. Rarely will you find a house with the number 13 out front or a building with a floor numbered 13. There’s debate as to the origins of the lack of this number’s luck. Some say it is because, at the last supper, Judas was the 13th disciple in attendance. Some associate the number with the lunar cycle and the 13 full moons we see in a calendar year. Some people even suffer from Triskaidekaphobia, which is a fear of the number 13.

Number 4

Just as in Western culture, Eastern cultures also have a number that they’re incredibly superstitious about – the number 4. In Japan, Korea and China you are likely to find an aversion to the number four, with buildings having no fourth floor and no presents being given which are made of four pieces.

Number 17

This number is both lucky and unlucky, depending on where you are in the world. Number 17 is said to be a lucky number, mainly because of Sean Connery’s luck with it in the James Bond movies. It is also an unlucky number in the eyes of Italians. The Roman numerals for the number 17 are XVII, which when rearranged can create the word VIXI. When translated from Latin, the word means ‘my life is over’ –spooky!

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