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Top Video Game Trends that will Change the Future of the Industry

Sameer who works with TopAssignmentExperts and offers python homework help says that today video games are not only a culture but a routine amongst the youngsters. In the last half-century, there has been a complete evolution in the video game industry. The present generation of gaming includes high-end graphics, better gameplay, faster processing units, and improved user engagement. 

With the perennial improvement in the technologies in the world of AR and VR, the sky is the limit. So, do you wish to know about the top gaming trends of 2019? If yes, you are in the right place. Here we’ll discuss with you the top 4 gaming trends that deserve your attention. 

  • Mobile gaming has a pivotal role to play

If we look at the technology industry, then mobile phones are the ‘Swiss pocket knives’. It is believed that mobile phones today are far more necessary and ubiquitous than the dedicated mobile handheld gaming devices. Siddhi who works with TFTH and offers assignment help UK says that smartphones serve a multitude of purposes. The biggest winner amongst it is entertainment and gaming. There is no surprise in the fact that mobile gaming today accounts for around 75% of total app revenues. It is predicted that by the end of the year, mobile games will produce a massive share of the revenue for the digital gaming market.

Ashish who offers online term papers for sale says that the digital gaming area in China has a huge role to play in mobile gaming. It is believed that by 2022, it will produce almost 2/3 of the revenue of the Chinese digital gaming market. In China, over 400 million users which are a little over 50% of mobile internet users use their mobile phones for gaming. Further, in the Chinese gaming market, Tencent has acquired more than half of the share much ahead of competitors like Netease. Besides China, markets like the UK and the USA are also experiencing perennial growth in the digital gaming arena.  

  • Cloud Games is growing rapidly

Now, cloud game is a game that is found on the company server rather than the device or the computer of the gamer. To play this game, the gamer has to install a client program which will then access the server on which the game is running. The company has the authority to upgrade the games and they never worry about the functionality of your computer. To accentuate the gaming experience of the user in the cloud, the console developers have to focus their efforts on console enhancements. 

There are few cloud technologies such as the GaaS, SaaS, and BaaS which have been around for a while. These technologies have paved a way for new methodologies which will soon become a mainstream phenomenon amongst the audience. Sudeep Lahiri who recently took the best project management course from TrumpLearning points out that market giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Tencent already have their data centers through which the games run virtually as a non-enterprise application.

  • The growth of Gaming laptop market

During the forecast period between 2018-2023, the global gaming laptop market is believed to hike at CAGR of 22%. The VR offers a simulated platform by way of the fine blend of the VR software and hardware that offers a life-like experience to the users. In it, one company that has outshone others in promoting the concept of virtual reality gaming is the NVIDIA. It offers great solutions for virtual reality and also caters to the needs of the customers adequately with a complete and diverse product portfolio in its arsenal.

Sudhanshu who did an excellent Cloudways review says that adoption of the internet has led to the advancement and the commercialization of gaming. Other factors that have contributed to it include the presence of gaming laptops, that are portable personal devices designed to play video games. These have now become a perfect alternative to gaming consoles. Such laptops are mainly bought by users who are gaming enthusiasts or hard-core or professional gamers.   

  • More Creative VR & AR Games

Given the debut of the mass market, the VR and the AR game viewer accessories like the Google Cardboard as well as the humongous degree of venture funding and R&D being pumped into VR and the AR software and hardware, it is quite natural for the gamers to be hooked onto the VR and AR games for now and in the years to follow. Samsung Electronics has now paved its way to the virtual reality with the launch of the Gear VR headset based on the Oculus technology. 

Further, the top players in the industry such as the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others, are believed to release new products with multiple new futures. The focus of these products will be primarily on portability and quality. Sanjeev who offers write my essay services with EssayWriter4U says that with this advancement in technology nobody will ever be hooked to the PCs while exploring the virtual worlds. And with the growth in VR technology, we can certainly expect more creative and better games in the years to follow. So, these are the 4 key video game trends that are expected to completely revolutionize the future of the gaming industry in 2019.

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