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Five Tips for Dota 2 Supports to Start a Match Like a Pro

Our authors decided to share their thoughts on Dota 2 early game stage and problems newbie supports frequently face. The following guide will help you survive the first minutes of the game and remain effective in mid and late game stages.

Go to the Lane at Once

The first step to start Dota 2 match well is simple: come to the lane before the enemy and place a nice and unnoted observer ward there. Such a simple move will let you keep an eye on enemy items, attack them while staying behind the trees and break wards enemy supports would try to set.

When the lane phase began finely, a well-positioned ward will protect your carry. Additionally, it will help support players from your team move to the other map area sneakily.

Predict the In-Game Situation

That is probably the best way to increase your effectiveness as a support. Of course, you can’t be flawlessly accurate all the time predicting what your opponents would do. But it is not too difficult to determine which items you should buy or to decide when this or that team composition would reach its critical point.

For example, if you see that the enemy Storm Spirit would farm the lane freely, you can predict that he’s most likely to build a fast Orchid Malevolence. Then, prioritizing Manta Style or Eul’s Scepted would be a suitable solution for your carry to neutralize that threat.

Check Inventories When the Game Starts

In most Pro Dota 2 esports matches, it is possible to predict the result of every lane basing on heroes and their choice of recovery items. Keeping that in mind, you’ll feel easier to understand if it is worth to go in for a gank on a certain lane. A well-timed attack can change the regeneration balance on the lane significantly. As a result, you’ll stop the potential “snowball” of your opponent.

Try to Get Maximum Experience

Level 6 is a crucial point for every hero. Not only core players but supports should dare to reach it as soon as possible. Still, support players can fall behind opponents critically in case they move between the lanes too much. During the laning phase, every support should have a simple guide: “Deny, deny, deny, pull, pull, pull.”

The only exception is when your core hero is winning the lane confidently. In this case, you may leave them alone, so they could reach the critical point faster.

Prepare to Fight for Bounty Runes Beforehand

Players tend to treat bounty rune fights more and more seriously with time. Commonly, the moment when bounty runes appear leads to big fights even in the very beginning of the match.

If your team will be lucky enouh to get 3-4 runes at a time, it will give you not only gold advantage but also a moral boost. To make that possible, prepare the battlefield in advance: place good wards and restore health and mana of allied heroes.

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