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Who Wins Survivor This Year?

There are only a few things in this world that can really bring people together. One of those things? Reality TV.

There are reality tv shows out there for everyone but for those who enjoy a mix of action, drama, romance, and money …Survivor is for you.

History of Survivor

Survivor first premiered in the US back in May 2000, as a spin-off of Sweden’s hit reality competition Expedition Robinson. Although Expedition Robinson premiered back in 1997, American producers watched as the show gained popularity and it was decided that American television was in need of something different.

Survivor is currently in its 39th season, making this show the longest-running reality tv series. It’s been running for 17 years straight, which could very well be the age of some of you reading this. Yikes.

Placing Bets on Survivor

What many Survivor fans don’t know is that you can actually bet on Survivor, and I’m not talking about making bets with your friends around the tv. I’m talking about real bets with real money.

This is a cool way to see how your predictions stack up against other self-proclaimed “Survivor experts”. Test your own knowledge and bet on who will win Survivor here. It’s super easy to do and there are different wagers you can place based on your own budget.

While you’re there, check out other shows you can bet on. You’ll see options for shows like Big Brother, American Idol, and even non-reality tv, such as the Walking Dead.

Current Analysis of Survivor: Island of the Idols

Some might say it’s too early to predict who will win the $1,000,000 grand prize, but that’s not entirely true. Predictions are beginning to roll in despite only being four episodes into the season.

There is something worth mentioning without giving any spoilers; the girls on both teams have been doing great! So, who knows…we might have a female winner this year. The last female to win the grand prize was Sarah Lacina for season 34’s Survivor: Game Changers.

This season does include past Survivors winners Sandra-Diaz Twine and “Boston Rob” Mariano acting as mentors, and if you watched their winning seasons, they surely know what it takes. This gives everyone in this season an equal opportunity at winning the grand prize.

Who will you bet on?


At the end of the day, reality tv is meant for pure enjoyment but why not try and make some money on it? As the season progresses, it’ll be interesting to see how everyone’s odds stacked up against each other.

If your chosen Survivor contestant doesn’t win, there’s always next year. As mentioned earlier, this show has been running for quite some time and Survivor isn’t ending anytime soon, despite even host Jeff Probst thinking Survivor would end.

So, give this year’s season a shot and good luck!

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