When I got the email today from Kidrobot, I was taken aback because I was staring directly at the three eyes. Note to self, do not change screens quickly like that because you never know what you are going to see.

It was not just the green three eyed face starting back at me that caught my attention. Keep reading to learn more about this new limited edition collectible.

Continuing our celebration of inspirational artists of the 20th century, Kidrobot brings art to life with the first piece in a new collection featuring the work of Keith Haring. This Kidrobot x Keith Haring collection will include Keith Haring 8” Masterpiece Dunny art figures, a Keith Haring Dunny Mini Series, and other Keith Haring art figures and sculptures. The pieces in this collection will be released monthly throughout 2020 and beyond.

Kidrobot is proud to introduce a Dunny featuring the work, Three Eyed Face. This Keith Haring Masterpiece Three Eyed Face Dunny Art Figure is on our 8-inch Dunny in a premium display box. This Dunny release is the first piece in the Kidrobot x Keith Haring collection bringing Haring’s art to a new generation. 

Keith Haring Masterpiece Three Eyed Face Dunny Photos:

The Keith Haring Masterpiece Three Eyed Face Dunny Art Figure drops on Kidrobot.com and select art toy stores June 5th at 9:00am PST and retails for $150. Available while supplies last at Kidrobot.com

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