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If you haven’t watched the first season of Aggretsuko, get on it. The second season premieres this Friday June 14th on Netflix. We continue to with the story of Retsuko, a 25-year old red panda

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New Book Captures the Spirited Red Panda in a Book, Journal and Pencil Set Fans around the world think Aggretsuko is all the rage! The 25-year old red panda is one of Sanrio’s newest characters and the

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Hello Kitty, My Melody, Badtz Maru.  These are all Sanrio characters that most people are familiar with. They’re all delightfully cute and people love them. Newer Sanrio, like Gudetama and Kirimichan, having been given characteristic

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If you ever heard of or know anything about the company Sanrio, you know they are known for their cute characters like Hello Kitty and more recently Gudetama. Well, another character has been recently introduced and,

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