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Since the release of Justice League, Warner Brothers Entertainment has been moving in different directions because of the studio believing it underperformed and the obvious

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Wonder Woman

Some of us can create costumes without patterns. Some of us can create patterns by scratch. There are some of us that need a whole

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(BALTIMORE, MD) – (June 15, 2015) – The 1940’s pin-up style of the DC Bombshell line expands its offerings in the June PREVIEWS as fans

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DC Comics is doing another major overhaul this June, and their message is clear about one thing: They want to increase focus on diversity, reflected in their creators,

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(Left featured image by Frank Duran) Last month, Babs Tarr, the newest comic artist to work on Batgirl. She and her compatriots, Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher,

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It’s so very hard to make a female superhero movie, it seems. Why is that? It’s easy to go on a tirade saying that the

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