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To much excitement from the fandom comes news that Kevin Conroy will be playing Bruce Wayne in the CW’s upcoming crossover event, “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” With Conroy’s casting, it could mark the first time

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I have another chance at owning Batman: The Animated Series! I missed out on the DVD release back in 2008 and finding it for sale on the secondary market has been rough. And expensive if

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Update: Apparently I mixed episodes in my head, fusing “Legends of the Dark Knight” and “I’ve Got Batman in My Basement” together. The Penguin aspect of that bit is from the latter.  Yesterday we talked about

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Nowadays, we as media consumers crave equal and diverse representation of each community, whether it be from a person of color, religion, or gender/sexual preference. It’s no longer satisfying to see a default type of

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