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As Warner Brothers shifts gears by rearranging their corporate structure in hopes of turning the situation with Justice League around, things continue to move forward with the Batman cinematic universe that began with Zack Snyder’s

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is yet another monumental missed opportunity for a studio that badly needed a sure thing, though WB/DC should be happy to settle for its presumed financial success given the

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For a film that counts two of the most iconic superheroes of all time as its leads, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is far from the hotly anticipated film it once was outside of

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Released earlier today, Warner Bros. announced that Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network) is cast to play Superman’s arch nemesis, Lex Luthor, in Man of Steel 2. Also announced is Jeremy Irons (The Borgias) is cast to play Alfred

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We love this Man of Steel fan art by Luke Butland. The poster art is called “Fortress of Solitude” and is inspired by the upcoming movie.

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