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HBO released the trailer to BRIGHT LIGHTS STARRING CARRIE FISHER AND DEBBIE REYNOLDS  a few days ago and the documentary airs tonight AT 8PM on

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Boasting bountiful amounts of rare, behind the scenes footage and a grounded human story at heart, The Last Man on the Moon represents a unique

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It’s easy to get mixed up in the melee of the Marvel/Disney/DC Machine these days. It seems to consume about 99.9% of entertainment news. The

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Youtuber comicbookgirl19 has teamed up with Vimeo-On-Demand to create a series called The X-Men Epic History. The first volume which is a little over an hour is

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In March 2010, a South Korean couple was arrested for the death of their three-month-old daughter, Sarang, which means “love” in Korean. Autopsy revealed that she

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I would never accuse Josh Johnson‘s documentary Rewind This! of being nostalgic as that would be doing his film a great disservice. There are plenty

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A Documentary series features a journal written by the late Heath Ledger who was preparing himself for the Joker in The Dark Knight.

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