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Gazillion Entertainment is proud to announce that Beast and Jubilee have joined the fight in Marvel Heroes 2016. Starting today, players can experience Beast, Marvel Heroes 2016’s 60th playable Super Hero. As an original member

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I’ve searched the web and paid attention to all of my social media feeds and gathered up five of some of the coolest and amazing cosplays that I’ve seen (this week). Cosplay is an amazing

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Everyone’s favorite firecracker will be joining the X-MEN: APOCALYPSE mutant roster. Director Bryan Singer announced on his instagram account that actress Lana Condor will be playing a young Jubiation Lee in the upcoming installment of

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They have a Hulk. The entire Marvel Universe is in shambles, and the Avengers are no more. Who you gonna call? Ghost– No wait, you call the A-Force! Marvel Comics is getting a new team for the bad guys

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