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I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for puppet creature movies if they’re well made. The irony of that statement is that I

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Attention Staff: New Season of Childrens Hospital has begun: Summary: After a termite infestation, the CH staff are relocated to an army base in Japan.

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For those of you going to the San Diego Comic Con this year (July 18th – 21st in case you didn’t know) and hope to

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The Rob Corddry-created, and Rob Heubel-Lake Bell-Ken Marino-Rob Corddry-Megan Mullally-Henry Winkler-Malin Akerman-Erinn Hayes-starring Childrens Hospital wrapped up its fourth season back in November of last

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As you’re probably aware, Fox announced about a year ago yesterday their plans for a late-night Saturday animation block. The upcoming SNL-competitor & extension of

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