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We here at Agents of Geek had the opportunity to participate in an interview with members of the Bates Motel cast and crew in actor Nestor Carbonell and Executive Producer Carlton Cuse.  Carbonell and Cuse answered many questions about

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The ‘golden age of TV’ has also brought the dawn of the Music Supervisor as some God-like figure. These enigmatic creatures can now make a band overnight with the right placement of a song in

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So if you know me, I am a fan of villains.  Most villains have an interesting back story and a great villain makes the movie seem so intense and important at parts.  The old saying

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Mondo has released a bunch of awesome new posters inspired by Alien, Psycho, Flash Gordon and more. The posters were designed by Kevin Tong and Martin Ansin. As a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock I

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