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The Phoenix Incident is a unique take on the found footage genre that blends real news stories, fictionalized storytelling, and POV style filming-clearly influenced by

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Midnight Special
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A genre-bending, science fiction, mystery, Midnight Special is a tension filled breath of fresh air delivered by Jeff Nichols.  Artfully acted, methodically paced, and complemented

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The science fiction thriller The Phoenix Incident is quickly approaching its recently announced theatrical release date on April 8th! Agents of Geek was fortunate to

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A NEW TRAILER was released for The Phoenix Incident coinciding with the announcement of its theatrical release!  Originally premiering on March 10 for a one

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Coming soon, and brought to you by Fathom Events, is the science-fiction thriller The Phoenix Incident.  Written and directed by Keith Arem, The Phoenix Incident

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The long running, classic science-fiction series Doctor Who is rapidly approaching a milestone of which most television shows can only dream. Doctor Who first came

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