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It would be near impossible to discuss this new adaptation of Stephen King’s phenomenally creepy novel without mentioning the 1990 television mini-series that many hold

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It’s been forty years since the horror masterpiece that brought mainstream success to Brian De Palma and legendary reputation of author Stephen King with this

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Going through some Q’s on Tumblr, Neil Gaiman came across a particular question I’m sure every damn writer has heard a million times over. How to

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In case you’ve missed it Stephen King has been on something of a tear lately. Starting with Cell, the kind of raw slab of B

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Ben Affleck, Scott Cooper and David Yates have all been in talks to direct the adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Stand, but have had to

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Bitten is SyFy’s newest supernatural drama featuring one of the horror’s classic creatures, werewolves. Elena Michaels, played by Laura Vandervoort, is the only living female

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Wondering what nerd-tastic books to read this (already in progress) summer? Here are few suggestions to fill your geeky summer reading list.

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New to comics? Don’t care for superheroes and their outrageous, over-the-top hijinks? Here are 15 must-read comic books, sans the tights.

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