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At the end of Aquaman, Orm was captured and things remained peaceful. Arthur was victorious in claiming his birthright and became king. He overcame all

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Shifting the fish out of water setting of 2011’s Thor from Earth AKA Midgard to the mystical worlds of Asgard and the Dark Elf inhabited Svartalfheim

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With all the excitement for the release of Thor: The Dark World this weekend, it’s time to prepare for the epic sequel. In addition to

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It’s been two years since Thor hit our screens. Given a fantastic treatment by director Kenneth Branagh, Thor was officially welcomed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Marvel has announced a nationwide Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure. The project is a partnership between UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Dolby Laboratories, National Academy of Science, Girl

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Check out the first trailer for the Thor The Dark World video game. Gameloft launches the game in November along with the film. Players are tasked

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Here is some cool Thor concept art by Matt Ferguson. The poster honors Thor: The Dark World, which arrives in theaters in November.

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